The last four weeks in literacy we have been working on reading and John Smith. The first book i was reading was Amelia Earhart Lost Star. But i traded it in for The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg because it was too non-interesting. When we were working on John Smith we were figuring out if he was a liar or a historian. But someone named Aimee said she didn't care if he was a historian or liar because no one will really know. I kind of agree with her because she really was right. But there was a really cool website that showed us his travel to Jamestown. It was really neat because it actually moved and told us what that place was then it stopped right at Jamestown. There were different voyages since it was too long even though it was going fast. In reading we have this graph and we have to write down what we are reading and our recommendation. In the Mostly True Adventures I am on page 75. That book is really interesting. Its about a kid who's brother gets sent to the army by his evil uncle. Then he goes and tries to find him. But runs in to some bad guys on the way. If you get bored of your book, read this one.