Paul Mccartney was the bassist from the Beatles. At first Paul wasn't in to being a musician. But in music at school he got into it. He asked his dad for a trumpet and he got one. He got really good at his trumpet and wanted a guitar. When he asked for his guitar his dad was really encouraging so he got him one. Paul moved to another school and met George Harrison. George met John and introduced him to Paul. John told him they had a band. Paul asked if he could be in it and John said yes. So there was Paul, John, George, and Stewy. Paul had never met Stewy before. But then he did when they got checked to see if they were good enough to have a tour. But they didn't because Stewy didn't know how to play so he faked it. Stewy died of a heart attack later. But at the checking thing they saw a one man drummer. Later, they asked him to be in their band and he said yes. Then there was the full Beatles. They had a lot of stuff coming too. Nowadays he is still living and making music.