Before I studied John Smith, this is what I knew about him:

John Smith was a settler. He was captured by the Powhatan tribe. The

Powhatan tribe leader tried to kill John Smith but Pocahontas fell in love with John Smith and saved him from her father.

Pocahontas married John Smith and had a baby boy.

After I studied about him, this is what I know now:

John smith WAS a settler and he went on three ships to jamestown: The Susan Constant, the Godspeed and the Discovery. At Jamestown people started starving and died. But they traded the Indians copper for food. John Smith made a rule that people that don't work don't eat and that was a really important thing or else they wouldn't have had as much recorces. The Indians took John Smith and were trying to execute him but Pocahontas got in the way and saved him. John Smith got injured and went back to england.