John Lennon was a musician and was in the Beatles. He grew up in London, Liverpool. His best friend was Stewy. In time John wanted to make a band. Stewy showed John Paul Mccartney who would soon be the guitarist. Mccartney played for John and he was surprised of how well he was. Soon they made him the guitarist. But they needed a drummer and a lead guitarist. They found a drummer to be claimed the best drummer in Liverpool. His name was Pete Best. Pete drummed for them and he agreed to be their drummer. Their first concert was at a fair. Pete wasn't as jolly as the rest of them. They did not like him. They decided to kick him out. They went to get looked at by an expert. He loved their music. But he didn't like Stewy. Stewy was

faking his performance. They didn't make it because of him. Later stewy died because of a heart attack. They met a drummer named Richard Starkey at the testing place. But Ringo Starr was his stage name. They asked him to be their drummer and he said yes! THEN THERE WAS THE WHOLE BEATLES! There was a lot more to come too. But later, some maniac murdered him with a gun.