George Harrison was the lead guitarist from The Beatles. When he was a kid his dad bought him a toy guitar because he wanted to play the guitar. He played it every day. When he was 13, he asked his mom for a real guitar. She said it was okay. When he got it, it was a lot harder than a toy guitar but he practiced and practiced and he was really good. He met Paul Mccartney at school and he had a bass. Later on, Paul told George if he wanted to join a band that John Lennon started. He said that would be awesome because he always wanted to have a band. He wasn't really happy with their drummer Pete Best. He asked if they could kick him out and they didn't like him either so they kicked him out. But they saw a drummer named Richard Starkey and asked him if he could join. He had always wanted a serious band. Their other guitarist Stewy, died of a heart attack. They had the full house Beatles! Later on, George died of lung cancer.