Field Trip

On 10/12/11 we went on a field trip to department of mines and minerals. It is a place where they study rocks and minerals. Ian's dad works there and he was a tour guide for us. Well not really a tour guide but a person who told us about some things. It was funny because it must have been weird for Ian. He actually had acid and put it on the rocks! Of course it wasn't strong acid. It smelled a lot like vinegar. And vinegar is actually an acid so i guess it made sense. Then we went to his assistant, i forget his name but first he gave us neclaces with animals on them. We had a ball of yarn and we had to throw the ball to whoever had something in common to yours. We had to hold the line when we threw it so it made a line from you to the other person. First Nyah went. She had a river. She threw it to me and i had a salamander. She said that a salamander would live in a river. So then we kept on going. I can't tell you the rest because it took forever because there were 42 people. Next we went with Ian's dad again and he taught us about rocks. He said there were three types. igneous rocks, metamorphis and setementary rocks. igneous rocks, for example are made by lava. Not all igneous rocks are made by lava. metamorphis rocks go through changes and setementary rocks are pushed together and formed. Then, it was time for lunch. The bad part was that i forgot my lunch. But luckily, i have nice friends so they gave me some food. Like always we have a weird conversation. But this time I had no idea what we were talking about or how it started but it was funny.