Carrie and Samuel

Carrie is from Grandpa's Mountain and her character loves to eaves drop. She does it because she is really curious. Grandpa's mountain is about a family in the blue ridge mountains and the government is making a park and they have to be evicted. The other characters are grandma, grandpa, Amanda, and Moses. It was based in the 1930's.

Samuel doesn't have a family and he lives on the beach. He was trying to get his mothers locket from a blacksmith. He is from Blood On The River. It's not a gory book but Blood On The River is according to the James River. It's about the Jamestown settlement. It was based in the 1600's. He was sent to an orphanage and then gets a new management by captain John Smith. He was going to jamestown so he had to come. Smith taught him on the way of how to be a man. That is the book comparison.